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I love my rotery cutter

Just have to say that there are a lot of pieces to 36 mama pads. I forgot how many. That is all.


She wants to crawl already

Oh my gosh! It just seems so very early for crawling. But she is bound and determined to figure it out. She won’t sit now, she immediatly leans foward and rocks on hands and knees. Its just a matter of time till she takes off. Bumping baby gates to the top of my must have list.

One last thought to ponder…

Why can’t I sell those darned prefolds. They are cute and well made and sell for others like hot cakes. Oh well as they say. To bad they are to small for K.

Customs List

Its getting lengthy so I think I will write it down here and update as I go.¬† I think thats everyone. ūüôā

1. Shannon Р36 mama pads  Рdue by friday

2. Rachel Р2 large SS fitteds  РTrade for knitting

3. Amanda 6 larges when fabric arrives

4. Jen/Razz Possible trade for knitting. need to get back with you as soon as I clear out some time.

Woohoo! My H.C. is up and running!

Many thanks to Cat of  It looks super!  If your reading and you need a web designer look no further. She is awsome!

Business or hobby

Well my business/hobby took a new turn this week. The HC congo I was on decided to fold and so I was faced with quit or¬†try it on my own. So I should have a new HC up in the next week that is all my own. I can’t wait to see it and hope I can sell enough to justify keeping it up.¬† Wish me luck!¬† Hey I should add for those that don’t know. I make diapers, and mama cloth and pj’s.

I think this will be the address.

Baby vs Applesauce

Gave K her first bite of real food today. She was not impressed. Out of the baby teaspoon tried almost all was spit out and then she locked her jaw so no more could get in there.  Totally cracked me up.

Challenge take 1

Okay so here goes trying something new. My goal is not only to start this blog but to actually keep it up. Wish me luck!