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Been busy

Wow time just flies. Been very busy getting my oldest ready for and then off to school. Now I have a bored toddler and a baby at home to keep occupied. Its good to remember lifes about change or it would drive me nuts. Had to deal with a super difficult customer. Ended up with her hating me and doing her best to take me down. So exausting trying to deal with the backlash. I have decided she wanted a free diaper. I think that was the only way to make it right in her eyes. She was deceptive about what the issue really was, and then plain hateful. In an effort to find humor in the situation I can say I have now made the Drama of Diaper Swappers Blog…. Now to move onwards and let it go.

KateLynn is getting so big. She wants to walk now. She hates being contained and stands at the gates and screams. Yep fun stuff. Got a mei tei. Wish us luck that she will enjoy a back carry and find some contentment.

Hailey is almost four. Where has the time gone? She’s learning to play on her own now that big sis is in school. I was worried a bit but it looks like she’s going to be okay with it.

Hannah – I can’t believe my firstborn started school. Wow. And did she miss me. NO!  Loves her teacher and had a great time. Its a relief and kind of sad all at the same time.


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