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Been a few days since I posted..

And we’ve been busy. I have been cleaning for thanksgiving. Went from just our family to about twelve others. So it will be fun but a little crowded. My dad’s been having some serious heart trouble and I am really worried about him. We’d welcome prayers and positive thoughts. I am almost finished with that sweater. Only have a about an inch left to add! And then I can wash and block and show it off. Obsessivly read the next book in the Seeker serious, it was Blood of the Fold and really good. K’s crying off to get her.


Made some new fitted diapers for K!

I just love how they turned out! Two I serged. Thank goodness my serger didn’t eat them and one is turned and topstitched.


Toddler Tunic Work in progress

Yep I am trying a sweater. Its a nice easy looking pattern but wouldn’t you know I already messed it up. So a froggin we will go. I hope to finish it before KateLynn’s birthday in December so crossing my fingers that there won’t be anymore mistakes.

Update 11/13/08 frogged it three times and now I think I have it. I am two inches in and so far so good.

Its a free pattern I found here. Scroll down a bit.


Cloth Diaper Nation

Found a new cloth diaper forum. Check it out!

Cute little knit hats!

I love how these turned out! And I love how the yarn looks. Working with it was a bit fiddly though. Still must add a pompom to the tops of them. Per my daughters request.