Goodness forgot to update again

We had KateLynn’s first birthday. She’s is so sweet and cute and wow growing so fast. I will try and post a pic update soon. My dad is hanging in there. They put him on a nitro patch for his heart and it seems to be helping him. At least he’s not hurting. Dh had jury duty for the last six weeks. The paychecks have been seriously affected. It’s so not fair right here at christmas time but what do you do. Its gonna be a frugal christmas at our house but it will still be christmas and we’ll have a nice holiday. I am so glad I ordered that purewool yarn back in october though. I will have plenty to do and no need for anything for myself. Well off to get some stuff done. Will try and post some pics a bit later of my latest projects. One pair of pocketbook slippers for my mom that I kool aid dyed and the new longies I am working on.


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