Happy New Year!

Today’s my birthday so yep I am now seeing 40 in the not so distant future. Yikes! 

Dh’s hours got cut at work so were going to have to live cheaper. This isn’t easy as we didn’t live expensivly before. The first thing to work on is the grocerys. I shopped at Aldi’s and it wasn’t so bad. I wish they were closer though, as the drive negates some savings. However this weeks grocery bill was $120 considering that it had gotton up to an alarming $180, I will consider it good. 

Today’s lunch I made from what we had onhand. Here’s a general recipe. I tend to just throw stuff together so exact measurements are rare here.

Potato Soup with Kielbasa Sausage

Saute some onion in a bit of olive oil. (half an onion)

Add some sliced Kielbasa sausage (i like turkey or beef) I used one pkg.

And then the pototoes. Sliced or diced whatever you like. I used six.

Add water to cover and 3-4 chicken builion cubes

Boil for 20min till the tators are tender and add some milk(2cups?) and sour cream(1/4cup?).

I topped it with a bit of shredded cheese. 

It was yummy, hearty and pretty darned cheap.



  1. marthastewart2001 Said:

    I think you’ll like shopping at Aldi. We only buy soda, hamburger and lunchmeat at our IGA. Everything else is from Aldi or AngelFood.

  2. marthastewart2001 Said:

    oh yes, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  3. JV Said:

    made something similar last night. you were my inspiration!

  4. JV Said:


    Those diapers you sent are fabulous!!!!

    My older two were talking about how soft they are! I love them!

  5. shaineinok Said:

    JV, glad your enjoying the diapers!

    And Tara, Thank you!

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