On thriftier eating

Much like many others the economy has begun to hit us. Dh was cut back at his job from  supervisor to fitter/welder. Were still feeling grateful though because its still a job. The money cut hurts though. So I do what I can to stretch things more. Today I am making stew. I tend to forget stews when we are doing well financially. But there is no denying the value of throwing a bit of this and that together for a tasty meal. So today’s recipe is

Beef stew

2lb of ground beef from aldi’s

6 potatoes sliced

1 onion

some garlic

1 can of green beans

1 can of corn

1 can of tomatoes

A couple handfulls of baby carrots I got on sale.

And some various seasonings I had on hand.

Salt, pepper, meat marinade, and italian seasoning

One big stewpot and enough water to cover plus a bit.

This will be tasty and feed us a couple days at least.



  1. Pam Said:

    Hey check out Once A Month Mom blog. I think that it’s really has some great things.

    • shaineinok Said:

      I will check it out!

  2. JV Said:

    Im going to have to try that.

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