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Latest knits!

I have been productive. Owl shorts, Sm Rainbow soaker, Rainbow yarn I dyed and the beginning of a tomten sweater, shorts for KateLynn, and a Skirty for Lilly.


School’s out, summers here!

Lots to update, as always! I suffer from blogging procrastination. Anyway lets see. School is out so I have my 6.5 year old home. This makes for fun days which I enjoy for the most part, excepting the fussing with her sis, which gets old fast.

We finally got the garden going. It took forever with all the rain we’ve had. I think final count was close to six weeks straight. I am so glad that is done. Here are pic’s of our garden. See the wild bunny, so cute but she’s gonna eat my veggies so we’ll have to fence it next.