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I finished the toddler tunic!

Woohoo! It turned out so cute!

K's red toddler tunic



Toddler Tunic Work in progress

Yep I am trying a sweater. Its a nice easy looking pattern but wouldn’t you know I already messed it up. So a froggin we will go. I hope to finish it before KateLynn’s birthday in December so crossing my fingers that there won’t be anymore mistakes.

Update 11/13/08 frogged it three times and now I think I have it. I am two inches in and so far so good.

Its a free pattern I found here. Scroll down a bit.


I love knitting!

Its so fun making things for our baby girl. 🙂 And knitting is wonderfully peaceful and relaxing. Here’s a pic of a couple of my latest projects. I think the next thing I try will be a sweater.

Making pizza’s

My girls love making there own pizza’s.

She wants to crawl already

Oh my gosh! It just seems so very early for crawling. But she is bound and determined to figure it out. She won’t sit now, she immediatly leans foward and rocks on hands and knees. Its just a matter of time till she takes off. Bumping baby gates to the top of my must have list.

Baby vs Applesauce

Gave K her first bite of real food today. She was not impressed. Out of the baby teaspoon tried almost all was spit out and then she locked her jaw so no more could get in there.  Totally cracked me up.