The Alpha and Omega – Patricia Briggs

This is a novella I read last week, set in the same world as the Mercy Thompson series. I liked it too so I am looking for the book that follows.


Silver Bourne – Patricia Briggs

Book five in the Mercy Thompson Series. Best one so far! The only bad thing about finishing this one is now i have to wait for the next to come out.

Bone Crossed – Patricia Briggs

Book four in the Mercy Thompson series. I had a hard time putting this down. Great story.

Iron Kissed – Patricia Briggs

Book three in the Mercy Thompson series. This series doesn’t disappoint. Great strong characters.

Blood Bound – Patricia Briggs

2nd in the Mercy Thompson Series. I love this series. Great werewolf storyline.

Lots of action and a good beginning romance.

Moon Called – Patricia Briggs

Great book about werewolves. Lots of action and well written. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!

Time to try blogging again!

I find I am in the mood to try this again. Hopefully I can keep up. I plan to change the direction some and use it more for keeping track of the books I am reading and the crafts and knitting I do.

Hannah is missing two front teeth!

She lost her second one at school this week and came home so excited! She wrote a letter to the tooth fairy asking where the teeth go. So daddy made her a note in reply that said the tooth fairy uses them for fairy dust. She was delighted. Look how cute she is!

October 2009 069

Longies for Fall!!

I made these for KateLynn using MM Winter Pear yarn on Targee wool. They are nice and squishy and I hope to find an girly orange or brown shirt to work with them. Paul say’s they are a boyish though.

October 2009 082

Set I made for Rhonnie’s little girl!

The sweater is the knitting pure and simple bolero and the longies are the Burgh Baby Gear pattern. The yarn was from Three Irish Girls and its was lovely to work with!

September09 001

I also made these longies!

June09 002

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